Friday, June 6, 2014

Battle Bots and NXT Robots

In principles of Software Engineering taught by Steve Halliday we created various hardware robots.

We created a slot machine and also battlebots.  My Group's slot machine featured excellent hardware that help make our software very simple. Our battle bot used gears to increase it's pushing power and won first place!

Overview of our second round

Slot Machine Pictures

Pre College Programs

Pre-College C++ Programs

I started computer programming my junior year of High School.  Before going to Neumont University I created quite a few small programs.  These are very small programs with the ASCII encryption being the most extensive.


ASCII Stream Cipher Encryption

Encrypts basic ASCII characters.  The encrypted text can be saved and loaded from a file.


After the time has depeated the timer will make a sound and also screw up mouse movements.  I made this so I wouldn’t be late for the bus.  It is actually one of the first programs I made and is very annoying, which was quite effective.

Polar Cartesian Converter

This was a one of the projects for my programming class.  It converts polar coordinates to the Cartesian plane

Collatz Conjecture validation

after learning about the Collatz Conjecture I created this to test to see if it was valid.  This program will verify that any inputted number is valid.  

Fibonaccci Sequence

This will give you the fibonaccci number at the given iteration.

Global Data C++ Functions

During my last 2 years of High School I created this project.  If I ever developed a function that I thought would be useful for me later on, I would add it to Global Data.  This code will run to show some of the methods I developed.

MD5 string hash generator

Truth be told most of this code is not my own.  I found most of it online but I enjoyed plugging data into here.

Fraction operations

This was an assignment testing operator overloads.  It will also simplify fractions.

Pascal’s Triangle row finder

A simple application that will derive the given row of pascal’s triangle.  This was the first time that I dabbled with recursion.



Very proud of this, and I still play it today.  This will create a word list on the client’s computer that it grabs all the generated words from.  Feel free to edit this document for single player enjoyment.  It also includes options for multiplayer.  It is the basics of hangman.

Player’s Choice Game (for BPA)

A strange number game.  It was a speed code assessment for Business Professionals Associations programming competition.  I went to the State level competition for Michigan.

Looks Cool

Robot Horz Vert

A loads a world from a text file that robots will bounce around it.

Robots lined

Another iteration of the program mentioned above, but this allows for diagonal movement, and uses different characters